Month: January 2014

Custom Zeppelins

The Zeppelin app allows you to use an image in the place of the carrier name (ie. Verizon, AT&T, etc.). I am making custom Zeppelins for $2 each. You can choose any name, any color (including ombre or rainbow), font (if I have it), and a symbol if it fits! Kik me: (moodle) or email: ( to order.


-Payments must be made through Paypal in advance.
-I have many cute fonts, but if there is something in particular that you like, please contact me on kik: (moodle) or email: ( to see if I can accommodate you!
-I will try to get your custom Zepp made as soon as possible but please allow 24-72 hours.


How To Use Custom Icons

To use my custom icons, you must install them yourself. The way I do it is a bit more complicated than the springboard way. I’ve tried to break it down as easy as possible. Please go slow and follow these steps carefully!

Apps you will need:
These are all available in the Cydia store!

1.Save the selected icon onto your phone. > Open iFile (available for free in Cydia store) > Go to path: var/mobile/media/DCIM/ , scroll to the very bottom folder and open it > scroll to the very bottom file, it should be the icon you just saved. Click “Edit” in the top right corner > click on the bottom file > click the clipboard icon in the bottom right corner and select “Copy/Link” > Click cancel.
2. Open SBSettings (available in the Cydia store for free). > Scroll to the very bottom and click on “App Folders” > Select the app that you wish to change the icon of. It will show you a path, screenshot it so you won’t forget it.

3. Open iFile (available in the Cydia store for free) > Follow the path that was given to you on SBSettings > Once in the correct folder, you will see a folder named “”, click on it > Scroll down until you see a file named Info.plist, click on it, and choose “Text Viewer” > a) Search for the string that says “CFBundleIdentifier”, directly under that you will see < string > com.named.something < / string>, screenshot this or remember the text in between the strings exactly (capitalization and punctuation count).b) Search for the string that says “CFBundleIconFiles”, directly under that you will see multiple < string >Icon.png< /string>, screenshot this or remember the text in between the strings exactly (capitalization and punctuation count)


4. In iFile, go to the path: var/stash/themes. > Create a NEW FOLDER within the themes folder and name it “MyIcons”. > Open the folder you just created (var/stash/themes/MyIcons) and create a NEW FOLDER within the “MyIcons” folder named “Bundles” (capitalization counts). > Open the folder “Bundles” and create another new folderand it will be named with the text you found as the “CFBundlieIdentifier (from step 3)” “com.named.something” (capitalization and punctuation count!This is very important!), open this folder > Click “Edit”, Click the clipboard and select “Paste”, repeat this step so there are two of the same file in the folder > Rename the icon file by clicking on the blue circle to the right of the file name. The names you will be using is the text you found in between the strings under the “CFBundleIconFiles (from step 3)” (ie. Icon.png and Icon@2x.png [These are the most typical icon names that you will need]). Your folder contents should look similar to the picture below.


5. Open Winterboard (available in the Cydia store for free), click “Select Themes” > Select “MyIcons” and click on the backbutton to return to the Winterboard main page > Click “Respring” in the top left corner.

6. And voila! You have just changed your icons! You will need to repeat this for each icon. It may seem a little overwhelming at first but with practice, you will be a pro in no time! With this tutorial, you should be able to change any icon!

Useful Jailbreak Apps/Tweaks

Here is a list of apps and tweaks that I recommend for jailbroken phones. These allow you to totally customize your phone. There are many more than these but these are some that I really love!

-Winterboard: This app is necessary to activate themes
-iFile: You’ll need this to explore the root folders of your phone, to unarchive, and place themes into the correct folders
-SBSettings: To change various settings and find specific app folders
-BytaFont2: To find and install font packages
-Iconoclasm: To reorganize home screen icons
-Zeppelin: Allows you to place an image into the spot where the carrier name should be.
-ColorKeyboard: Use this to change your keyboard different colors. It comes with preset themes and you can also add more.
-iCleaner: This app will clear out all of the files you don’t need such as the cachêd files. It really clears up a lot of space on your phone.
-iWidget: This is similar to perpageHTML in that it adds HTML widgets but you can drag and drop the widget on your home screen without changing the HTML.
-TransparentDock: This tweak will remove the blurring effect under the dock in ios 7.